mig33 TCP/IP Protocol

Devin Smith <devin (at) devinsmith (dot) com>

Table of Contents

1. About mig33
2. Purpose and Scope
3. Introduction
4. TCP/IP Communication between Client and Server
4.1. Client commands
4.2. Server commands
5. Detailed client packet analysis
5.1. The KEEP_ALIVE packet
5.2. The REGISTER packet
5.3. The LOGIN_1 packet
5.4. The LOGIN_RESP packet
5.5. The GET_CLIST packet
5.6. The SEND_MSG packet
5.7. The SEND_PIC_REQUEST packet
6. Detailed server packet analysis
6.1. The ERROR_MESSAGE packet
6.2. The LOGIN_NOTIFY packet
6.3. The LOGIN_BAD_RESP packet
6.4. The REGISTER_OK packet
6.5. The KEEP_ALIVE_RESP packet
6.6. The LOGIN_CHAL packet
6.7. The LOGIN_OK / MOTD packet
6.8. The CLIST_GROUPS packet
6.9. The CLIST_BUDDIES packet
6.10. The CLIST_TERMINATOR packet
6.11. The CLIST_STATUS_CHANGE packet
6.12. The RECV_MSG packet
6.13. The RECV_SYS_MSG packet

1. About mig33

mig33 is an exciting new instant messaging client for cell phones. It was developed for South Africa by Project Goth Pty Ltd., a private Australian company established to deliver consumers with cheaper mobile communication alternatives using the internet. It now currently works in over 200 different countries and has thousands of registered users. More information is available here: mig33 website .

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